"Fotomatón o el asesino de almas" por Lola Huete Machado comentario de la obra por Felix Merino
"fotomatón, una mirada a dos décadas" por Felix Merino comentary (ing)


"FOTOMATÓN, comentary"  


Onofre Bachiller's work (Murcia, 1959) is a deseat to the curious look that anyone of us could have taken during the last decade that is leaving us now, but no one of us dare to do. Is an exercise of freedom and sense of photographing without hung up, as he inmortalices each moment from the people that came to have their picture taken on their own free will.
One more time, we realise that the simple and naïve ideas are the one that remaind and get better with the time, FOTOMATÓN happens in a city, Barcelona, and for longer than a decade, 1987-2000. Onofre Bachiller placed his camera in different scenaries with a unique noto:

imortalice the city through its citiziens. "I started in a bar of the El Raval when Barcelona was a quite boring city, in the middle of the 80's and I ended up taken pictures of all kind of people. As the work was getting on I released that FOTOMATÓN was becoming the visual antrophology of Barcelona, the city that has changed more to the last years", the autor explain. For this reason FOTOMATÓN has a beginning but it may has no end. It ubicates in Barcelona but we could be talking about any other city. All the people that apearing in FOTOMATÓN give their pictures on their own free will. They sat in front of the camera and shot themselves. What makes this work so peculiar is the not intervention or control of the scenary.


FOTOMATÓN, a look through two decades.

Let´s imagine for a moment that tomorrow we get up, and when we go out into the street we realice that the word face has despaired from the dictionary. At first, it is for sure that we wouldn´t give it too much importance as we could change this word for same others like cheek, physiognomy, disguise, etc. but soon we would notice, that do not matter how many of these words we use, we couldn’t build a life without faces. So, how to reinvent the way everyone of our friends looked like?. From then on, our history would become imposible for been so imprecise. Thanks god that I´ve got a friend that without knowing it, fought again it by heart. He was making his live shows in many public places in Barcelona, for 14 years. In these places people went to have their picture taken by themselves, and this way he photographed Barcelona city for a decade or more. He placed his camera in night-life spots, Las Ramblas, clubs and all sorts of different places. This way he pictured the end of the marvellous 80¨s and the 90¨s decade, like the birth of the acid house movement, drag queen’s parties that Susanne Bartsch use to celebrate in the city, and all kind of different people in the street. For all these, he should deserve to be a part of the history of the city
He shot his camera for more than 3500 times with the unique idea of showing Barcelona city’s life with everyone that sat in front of his camera. From that moment on, the photographed people became a part of the history of the city too. My friend used to call them “photodonners”. After waching this work I´m sure that we would become photodonners too.

- I´ve made a selection of 320 pictures ( In this sample there are 238 pictures selectioned. It can be extended or reduced depending on publication.) from more than 3000 acording to the way they act in front of camera. What really interest me more from them, was their strong will of putting their mark in a time and in a place for in the future other people could see it.

Thanks to the artistic sense and hard working of onofre bachiller we´ve got a master piece for everyone of us to enjoy forever.